CFD Brokers Compared compares Autralia's best CFD providers.

Pulling no punches, we tell you what you need to know about CFD trading with a CFD broker. There is a lot to know.

CFD providers won't tell you how difficult it is.

CFD brokers and newsletters try to make it sound easy, but the fact is, without finely honed trading skills, you have a better chance of beating a casino.

The reality is, like casino patrons, CFD traders usually lose. The CFD providers are the biggest winners.


CFD Brokers - Who Are They ?

Exactly who are these companies, these CFD brokers ?

How safe is your money with them ?

Many CFD brokers have parent companies based offshore.

Can the offshore based parent companies of these CFD providers be relied upon to bail out the Australian subsidiaries should something go wrong ?

Remember, price making CFD brokers are risk takers, so the chance of something going wrong exists.

How diligent is the regulation and supervision of CFD brokers ?

The answers to these questions are NOT clear.

It is therefore prudent to rule out CFD brokers who are small, as well as those with parent companies based offshore.

Following that test, you are not left with many to choose from.


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